Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Women, Weight Training Will Not Bulk You Up!

Whilst using MyFitnessPal for my weight loss, I started reading a lot about weight lifting in the community section. I had never really thought about building muscle whilst doing my Jillian Michael DVDs, only becoming stronger.

So here I kept on reading topic after topic about how there was a lot of misconceptions regarding women and weight lifting. Whenever I used to think of weight lifting I used to have an image of something like the picture on the left.

I always imagined women who weight trained to end up with a massive and bulked up body that looked too manly and very very unsexy.

But after reading through discussions in MyFitnessPal regarding this topic, I realised how the myth regarding women and weight training was completely false and that the complete opposite happened when weight training like this article explains.

When women weight train, we become leaner and smaller and it takes a lot of hard work for us to actually build muscle because we just don't have enough testosterone to get bulky like men. Even men with all that testosterone find it hard to build muscle.

The health benefits associated with weight training shows how important it is to include weight training in you daily routine, this article gives you some examples of the benefits of weight training.

Since I started my weight training 6 weeks ago, I have seen such a huge difference to my body shape and and my strength and the best difference is my appetite, I eat around 2,300 calories a day and I still feel hungry and I'm still getting leaner, not bulky.

It is so important to get out the truth regarding weight training out to women because the myth of weight training bulking up women is so ingrained in people's minds that they can't seem to think how lifting weights can actually make my smaller rather than bigger.

I'm going to finish off by linking to the reason which had me picking up the heavy weights and wanting to build muscles Here is someone named Staci who changed her lifestyle around by lifting heavy and should be an inspiration to other women who are looking to get fit again.

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