Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Before I found my love for exercising.

Since I have left secondary school, which was scarily just over 10 years ago, I stopped all forms of exercise and during college years I just socialised and ate a whole lot of crap and drank too much alcohol on them nights outs.

From leaving secondary school to the end of my two years in college I went from a size 8 to size 12, but I was comfortable in the size 12, I liked the curves I had and I think I was too busy socialising to worry about my weight.

During my first pregnancy (soon after leaving college) my appetite disappeared, I couldn't stomach the lovely takeaways I used to gorge after a long shift at work and by the time I delivered my beautiful daughter, I was walking out of the hospital a size 8 again.

Up to the birth of my gorgeous little boy and since then on I have gone up to size 10/12 and with no exercise I could classify myself as skinny fat. I became a lot more aware of my soft belly hanging out of my jeans and just hated that bloated feeling I got all the time.

In April 2011 my best friend mentioned that she had a colleague that had a gym in her house and was willing to help people get back into shape and that's is when I actually started thinking about get back into shape and starting up on exercising.

But that fell through and nothing came of it but I didn't want to give up and whilst browsing a forum for mums I saw Jillian Michael's 30 day shred being mentioned quite a lot. I googled the dvd and it seemed very popular so I ordered the dvd and bought some workout mats and dumbbells and from there on I started getting into exercising.

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